Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work (2022) ❤️

Best Discord Music Bots That Still Work

Best Discord Music Bots: In the past few decades, Discord has established itself as the most reliable gaming chat platform in the market. With its easy-to-navigate user interface and extensive feature set that is unmatched by any other game, chat application can compete with its power.

One of the greatest benefits of Discord is its capability of integrating Discord robots which can assist in automatizing things but also take actions that aren’t feasible by themselves.

My top Discord bot is the one with music that allows users to listen to music in the background as the community is talking to one another.

If you’re new to the use of music bots on Discord or are searching for new music bots to use the following the closure of the Groovy bot we’ve got the answer for you. In this article, we’ll examine all music bots available on Discord and provide a list of the top 12 Discord music bots available in 2022.

Good Discord Music Bots Still Working Now (2022)

These are the most popular music bots which are still in operation and could be great alternatives to your current favorites. Be aware that some of them could remove the support of Youtube videos to avoid receiving an email from Google.

If any bot shuts down in the near future we’ll make changes to the information contained in this guide. If you’d like to know whether they are compatible with Spotify, Youtube, or more You can look up their official websites and Discord servers.

Adding Bots to Your Discord Server

To join a Discord bot on the server you are running, all you have you complete is click on the links and then click on the “Invite” “Invite” option. Finally, select the server that you wish to connect the bot to the server, and then click the “Authorize” button.

If you’re looking for comprehensive instruction with pictures then you should read our guide about how to set up an official Discord server and how to connect bots on Discord and how to use it to include Discord musicians on the server. So now, let’s move into our list of suggestions.

1. Probot


Similar to Zandercraft, ProBot is actually far more than a music bot that works on Discord servers. It’s actually a robust, fully-functional tool that can basically handle anything you’d like to do with your Discord server, all by itself.

For music listening, ProBot offers the ability to stream high-quality audio on your server. ProBot seeks out songs on YouTube and provides a variety of commands that can be used to control playback. It is easy to play/pause, skip, or queue music to play on your server.

In addition, ProBot can help you in regulating your server especially when you’re running servers that have a lot of users.

It can embed as well as the ability to make a customized levels system to the Discord server so that members can be awarded levels on the server according to their actions.

As I mentioned, ProBot is a really powerful bot that you could make use of, even if you simply want to listen to music with your buddies.


Probot offers a variety of advanced features. You don’t need to connect your server with other bots since Probot has the entire features. While it’s a no-cost music bot, when you buy the premium version of it, it can provide users with additional audio manipulation commands such as bass boost, nightcore, among others.

The premium version of Groovy is available from $3.99, $5.99, and $7.99 per month for 1 to the 10 servers that are premium.

2. Rythm

The second bot is Rythm. It was designed with the sole purpose of providing users with quick access to their entire music collection to ensure that they don’t need to be away from the game trying to figure out the commands to the bot.

It has more features than other bots that are dedicated to this goal, and comes and is constantly updated to ensure it can provide the highest quality top-quality music. With clear and specific commands to ensure that you don’t be lost in typing specific characters. For instance, if wish to play a track you can type play and then provide a link that will play the music or simply the title of the song (play [link to song name[song name/link]).

You can use any music commands using this bot to play queues, loops, shuffle and even lyrics, to play your personal YouTube playlist.


  • Today, 10 million discord servers have been joined by this bot. It definitely lives up to its mission of offering free, high-quality streaming music in real-time.
  • Once you’ve set up the playlist you have created, Rythm will automatically queue songs from the playlist after that queue guild has been cleared.
  • Rythm can also provide you with the lyrics for the song that is currently playing, or any other!

3. Octave

The free Octave is a Discord Music Bot that has been around for the past four years. It used to be named Gnar. It is similar to many other bots for music. It allows lag-free streaming of music from all the major sources like Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixer, or Spotify.

This Bot lets you assign different roles to various users. This makes it simpler for you to manage and assign different access rights to various users.


  • The Octave brand has been in existence since 2004 and is trusted by more than 600,000 servers. Why not pick one with a high reputation that won’t let you down.
  • It offers users 21 playback options and allows playlists, searches as well as streams.
  • The best part is that you can connect the bot to your servers with only one click.

4. FredBoat


One of my absolute favorite music bots that are free is FredBoat. It’s more of a Spotify within discord. It plays music via Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud as well as Twitch.

FredBoat lets you create your personal playlist that you then stream from within discord, by entering a single command. You can also stream live on YouTube or Twitch.

FredBoat was initially designed for smaller servers. However, it also offers a permissions system to keep trolls out.

The source bot is credible and reliable.


  • FredBoat includes an inbuilt search system. Instead of using a YouTube link in order to stream something can search for it directly within discord.
  • FredBoat is a safe and open-source bot that makes it reliable and trustworthy.

5. Vexera


Vexera is a different Discord Music Bot you can use to entertain your Discord chat companions with your favorite music. It provides smooth, unflagging music playback that is unparalleled.

It utilizes YouTube for its media streaming service which means you will be able to access the most recent songs without difficulty. It is easy to search for songs you wish to play and manage the music playback and queueing by using the in-channel controls.

In addition to music, Vexera also comes with powerful moderation tools as well as the capability to send greetings messages to members who are new. I’ve been using Vexera for about a week and I am pleased with the way it works. It’s definitely worth a look.


  • In addition to the streaming commands for music, It also offers other management commands, such as posting greeting messages for users who join the discord channel.
  • Playback is simple from the WebPanel, or via commands on discord.

6. MEE6


Mee6 offers many options for Discord users like moderation, custom commands reactions roles, and much many more. Similar to other popular bots, Mee6 is utilized in more than 14 million servers. Mee6 is thought to be one of the top music and moderation bots that are available.

This user-friendly bot, which is quite reliable allows you to listen to music directly from your Discord server. If a specific content creator begins a stream or makes new content on Twitch or Youtube or YouTube, you will be notified via this bot.

Additionally, you can make use of the leveling system to gain speedy progress to receive particular rewards. I’ve personally tried this method and can vouch for it.


  • Provides greeting messages for new users entering your discord server.
  • Allows you to design custom commands that add capabilities on your servers.
  • Auto-roles are granted and there is an XP system that shows how long a user is actively engaged and active. It can also be utilized to award prizes for the most active users and so on.
  • Highly customizable administration that protects your server from trolling or spammers, as well as harmful users.
  • It is easy to install an announcement plugin.

7. BMO


The Music bot was designed to be inspired by BMO, the Adventure-Time Character BMO. The bot’s music is fun to use and offers the features of a higher degree of the bot.

It’s the most effective bot I believe to make your server more lively particularly if you have an open chat room.


  • Quality music that is smooth and lag-free.
  • Small chat games that make the time spent by a user with your site more enjoyable.
  • NSFW commands for these channels too.
  • The bot is DMCA protected, meaning it’s not breaking the copyright law.

8. 24/7

Discord Radio Bot

Are you looking to enjoy non-stop audio on Discord? This bot is 24/7 and will allow you to achieve exactly that. Listen to any live stream or radio station, and enjoy many features with the premium version as well. Look through the sources that are supported to find out what music you can listen to with interruptions.


The greatest aspect of 24/7 is that it is able to stream any live event on Youtube and also. You can also listen to the talk show, a podcast and other events live while you play your favorite games.

9. Mantaro

My personal favorite I use installed on my system is Mantaro. It, as with all bots I have mentioned, offers excellent quality streaming music from all of the top sources.

It’s the best choice for those who love anime or anime discord servers. It has everything you require to make it enjoyable exciting, energetic, and lively even when players aren’t playing games, but instead talking.


  • Mantaro is a game with a lot of features. From the currency system to mining, gifts such as XP, chopping fishing pets, and all the rest.
  • Birthday announcements and birthday roles.
  • Gaming (such as trivia ) where you have to guess the character Guess the number and then guess the Pokemon do you remember seeing that when you watched TV?)
  • The Anime and Character Lookup command. Also, don’t forget the NSFW commands to view lewd anime pictures.
  • It also gives RP commands to all RP enthusiasts who are out there.

10. ErisBot

ErisBot is a powerful and extremely simple-to-use music bot.

The most notable feature of ErisBot that makes it stand out from other bots is the ability to design your customized prefixes and prefixes for commands.

The thing that I noticed was that occasionally, instead of playing the audio via that YouTube URL, the player begins with the YouTube video. Perhaps it is mixing up the commands or whatnot. This is something that you’ll need to be aware of when making use of Eris Bot.

Discord Music Bots: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do Music Bots Work?

✔ Discord music bots allow you to listen to music when you’re using Discord. This means you can relax while listening to favorite songs while you chat with your Discord community. What happens is this robot will collect the music from a variety of streaming sites and then play the music to you on Discord.

If you’re seeking a fresh Discord music bot that can serve as an alternative to Groovy or Rythm Try any of the bots listed above. We’ll be adding additional Bots, and we will be sure to check back frequently. For more information on Discord look up our articles on Discord.

Q. How to add music bots to Discord?

✔ Making bots available to Discord is a breeze. We’ve explained how to connect a music bot on Discord previously in the post, so scroll up and you’ll see the relevant section. The basic idea is to go to the bot’s website and then click the “Invite” button in order to invite the bot to join your Discord server.

Q. What happened to Groovy Bot?

✔ Like Rythm Bot Groovy Bot too received warnings from YouTube and was forced to stop operations. This means that the bot won’t work on Discord as of today, and you’ll be required to select an alternative Groovy Bot alternative from the list below.

Q. What happened to Rhythm Bot?

✔ Rhythm bot stopped its operation after receiving warnings from YouTube. However, there are many Rhythm Bot alternatives that we have listed below, so you could choose one instead. Personally, I’d suggest exploring Fredboat.

Listen to Your Favorite Music with Discord Music Bots

These are the top 12 Discord music bots that can be used for Your Discord servers. Although there are many other multi-purpose Discord bots, which also offer you control of music however none of them function as these do. 

Take a look at the list and share your top choices from the list. If you’d like to suggest any other music bots on Discord that we did not include in this list, leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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