Bubba’s 33 Happy Hours Updated 2021

Do you know about Bubba’s 33 Happy Hours? After work or school, there is nothing better than stopping by your favorite restaurant for discounts on food or drinks, and lots of entertainment.

If Bubba’s 33 is among the places you go to or maybe pass through when you’re on the way home then you’re in the right place to determine which products you can purchase inexpensively at any time throughout the week. We’ve listed beverages and food items that can be purchased at a minimal cost.

From traditional dishes like pizza and drinks that are classics such as drinks and pizza to Tex-Mex food items, like chips and cheese and chips, you’ll surely be able to unwind while enjoying great food and good friends. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find foods that will satisfy your cravings.

Bubba's 33 Happy Hours

From the afternoon to the end of the evening, the atmosphere in Bubba’s 33 is lively. There’s a buzz around the bar and everyone is happy to escape the stresses of the day. There is an opportunity to chat with other customers, catch up with sports events on the televisions which are scattered throughout the bar, and converse with the staff.

If you stop by Bubba’s 33 during happy hour, you’ll feel an integral part of Bubba’s 33 familia. If you’re not dining there this is a missed chance to indulge in delicious and cheap food at a reasonable price and lots of fun! Everyone who attends the restaurant tries to enjoy themselves, even those working as servers and waiters.

Check out the amazing deals on happy hours which are available every day. There’s plenty to offer everyone regardless of whether you’re at the bar or enjoying dinner together with loved ones you’ll surely have a blast!

Bubba’s 33’s Happy Hours 2021


Happy Hour Open Hours


4 pm to 6 pm 4 pm to 12 am


4 pm to 6 pm 4 pm to 12 am


4 pm to 6 pm 4 pm to 12 am


4 pm to 6 pm 4 pm to 12 am


4 pm to 6 pm 11 am to 12 am


None 11 am to 12 am


None 11 am to 12 am

Full list of Bubba’s 33’s Happy Hour Menu Items

Chips and Queso During happy hour, Bubba’s 33 has 1/2 price chips and queso to go with your other food or drinks.
Pizza  At Bubba’s 33, happy hour means you can get 10-inch, 1-topping pizza for only $5.
Pickles  Get an order of their pickles for 1/2 price.
Margaritas  For only $3.50 you can grab one of Bubba’s 33 top-shelf or specialty margaritas.


At happy hour, beer drops to $3.50 per 24-oz glass. You can choose from any of the brands on tap, such as Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra, Bud Light, and Coors Light.
Trash Can Punch


 This is Bubba’s 33 creation that you can’t miss. For only $4, you can try it out and have fun sharing with friends!

Enjoy Bubba’s 33’s Happy Hours 2021

Happy Hour is a wonderful way to relax after a busy work or school day. work. With incredible deals, such as pizza for $5, Bubba’s33 has become an extremely sought-after spot to visit. The rave reviews are all about the chips and queso as well and, with prices reduced by 50 percent in Happy Hour, you’ll be capable of paying for your food as well!

With cheap drinks to begin your evening enjoying a relaxing time with your friends or family. Bubba’s 33 is committed to creating an environment that is warm and welcoming to all.

Form a group of your friends, colleagues, or even your entire family. Food and drinks can help people feel closer, and increase the bond between you and your friends.

Don’t let another minute of your time. Join Bubba’s 33 today and start living your life full of excitement and happiness!

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