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Find What Time Checkers Offers Happy Hour & Special Deals

It’s not often that you think of restaurants serving burgers with having a Happy Hour, but Checker’s Happy Hour is a stunning design, and we’re thrilled they’ve decided to introduce it. In this particular time of day, you’ll be able to purchase their most popular menu items at a discounted cost, such as their all-American cheeseburgers, Grilled Hot Dogs, and Checker Burgers at less than $1.

Checkers Happy

You’ll also find its desserts menus, cocktails, and side dishes hidden away to ensure the Happy Hour ends great. After you’ve settled on your main dish Why not add the classic cone or medium cup of tea? There’s even a snack-sized milkshake available.

There’s also a range of match 2 item deals that are priced at less than $5 that make Checkers the ideal Happy Hour stop.

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Checkers’s Happy Hour Times & Deals 2021

Day  Happy Hour Open Hours


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am


2 pm to 5 pm 7 am to 3 am

What Does Checkers Offer During Happy Hour

Specials, hours, and times can differ based on the location.

Happy Hour Times: Daily 2 pm to 5 pm

  • Checkers $1 Starter Menu
    • Grilled Hot Dog
    • Hamburgers
    • All-American Cheeseburger
    • Checker Burger
    • Bacon All-American Cheeseburger
  • Beverages
    • Medium Tea
    • Bottled Water
    • Medium Tea
  • Sides
    • Value Drink
    • Value Fries
    • Classic Cone
    • Snack Milkshake
  • Fry Seasoned Monstrella Stix
    • 4 Stix $1.99
    • 6 Stix $2.99
  • Pick 2 for $5 or $5 Combo
    • Monstrella Chicken Parm
    • Monstrella Stix Double Burger
    • Double Checkerburger w/ Cheese
    • Deep-Sea Double
    • Big Chicken Double
    • Spicy Chicken Double
  • Pick 2 for $4
    • Cheese Double
    • Big Chicken Sandwich
    • Spicy Chicken Deluxe
    • Bacon Checker Burger w/ Cheese
  • Pick 2 for $3
    • Fry Lovers Burger
    • Spicy Chicken Sandwich
    • Crispy Fish Sandwich
    • Chili Dog
  • Checkers Specials
    • Chicken Bites Box
    • Cheddar Biscuit Shrimp

Enjoy Checkers’ Happy Hour

We’ve been loyal customers of Checkers for a long time and when they announced the Happy Hour, we knew that we would spend more time in the restaurant than we did before.

Their tasty food and classic burgers are a perfect spot to stop to enjoy an easy bite. With the discounted costs they offer in the Happy Hour menu, we’re likely to be able to make it a point to stop more often. Go to your local Checkers and check out what they can give you during Happy Hour.

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