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Find What Time Chuy’s Offers Happy Hour & Special Deals 2022

Chuy’s Happy Hour: Find one of the most popular traditional Tex-Mex eateries than Chuy’s Happy Hour. There you can find the most delicious and delicious Tex-Mex food items. The quality and quantity of food will encourage you to anticipate the next time you visit.

Chuy’s offers a lively and funky design. There are hand-carved wooden fish that hang from ceilings as well as an altar to Elvis. The atmosphere is lively and there’s always something fascinating on display

Chuy’s has free nachos available for happy hour, served from the trunk of a car called”the Nacho car. There are your favorite Nacho toppings, freshly prepared and displayed. It is the Nacho vehicle is a huge attraction for the crowds at happy hour.

Chuy's Happy Hour

Get their signature recipe of Chile Relleno as well as Chicken Enchilada with eight sauces to pick from. The Chile Relleno is among the finest you can discover. Freshly filled Anaheim baked and roasted pepper then frittered.

This guide outlines the hours and offers available to make the most of Chuy’s happy hour.

Chuy’s Happy Hour Times & Deals 2022


Happy Hour:

4 pm–7 pm: Discounted drinks and free nacho bar.

Open Hours:

11 am–10 pm


Happy Hour:

4 pm–7 pm: Discounted drinks and free nacho bar.

Open Hours:

11 am–10 pm


Happy Hour:

4 pm–7 pm: Discounted drinks and free nacho bar.

Open Hours:

11 am–10 pm


Happy Hour:

4 pm–7 pm: Discounted drinks and a free nacho bar.

Open Hours:

11 am–10 pm


Happy Hour:

4 pm–7 pm: Discounted drinks and free nacho bar.

Open Hours:

11 am–11 pm


Happy Hour:

Chuy’s does not offer Happy Hour on Saturday.

Open Hours:

11 am–11 pm


Happy Hour:

Chuy’s does not offer Happy Hour on Sunday

Open Hours:

11 am–10 pm

What Does Chuy’s Offer During Happy Hour 2022

To stay in line with their funky décor, the Nacho car is a fun addition to Chuy’s ambiance. Savor selected discounted drinks from their happy hour menu.

  • Nachos–Free fully loaded nacho bar.

Happy Hour Drinks

  • House Margaritas $4.50
  • House Texas Martinis $8.25
  • Domestic Bottle $3

Chuy’s Happy Hour Specials in 2022

Chuy’s Happy Hour

The Chuy’s Happy Hour usually begins around the time of 4:00 p.m. and runs until 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Although happy hour doesn’t happen on Saturdays or Sundays, there are always menu items that are available throughout weekends (more on this in a minute).

The most enjoyable part of Happy Hour at Chuy’s is the complimentary, fully-loaded Nacho Car. The guests can have a buffet including chips, salsa taco meat, queso, and much more, along with the beverage that they choose.

The drinks specials will vary depending on the place, but here’s a review of some of the most well-known ones available at Chuy’s.

  • House Margaritas – $5.25
  • Grande House Ritas – $8.25
  • House Texas Martinis – $9.25
  • Domestic Beers – $3.25
  • Tecates – $1.00 off
  • A glass of wine – $1.00 off
  • Bottle of Wine – $3.00 off


Chuy's Happy Hour

In addition to happy hours, The Chuy’s locations also offer daily specials on food Monday through Sunday. While the offerings vary from restaurant to restaurant, they typically feature some of the menu’s most requested items at discounts. The daily specials include:

  • Love Me Tender Tacos for $9.99
  • Muchos Tacos for $9.99
  • Stuffed Avocado for $11.49
  • Hatched Chicken Enchiladas for $10.79
  • Fajita Chicken Enchiladas for $11.09
  • Chicken Velvet Enchiladas for $11.79
  • Cosmic Combo for $11.19
  • Macho Burrito for $11.99
  • Pork Boom-Boom Enchiladas for $11.79

When is Chuy’s Happy Hour?

You can take advantage of Chuy’s Happy Hour for the large majority of the week from Monday through Friday all participating in the promotion. 

The happy hour at Chuy’s lasts from 4 pm to 7 pm. So for those who are looking for the last of their lunchtime or meal and are looking for a good Tex-Mex Chuy’s is the place you should be.

What Can I Get From the Chuys Happy Hour?

Regarding food, there’s an unusual menu for Chuy’s Happy Hour. The most notable thing about this is that you won’t have to pay for the special food offer in Chuys Happy Hour, as it does not include items from their menu. 

Instead, you’ll have access to their famous Nacho Car, which offers an assortment of free most loved Tex-Mex ingredients straight from the trunk of your car and is perfect and clean for the celebration!

With queso taco meat chips, salsa, and queso This is akin to Tex-Mex’s version of a salad bar for free! So, to accompany any other delicious meals you’ve ordered, you can slather on the free sides and make fantastic appetizers or as a complement to your main course. 

With fresh sauces and other ingredients that are poured from each item available, Chuy’s Happy Hour just offers that small extra bit of extra food and is absolutely free!

Most Popular Food & Drinks at Chuy’s During Happy Hour 2022

Awarded rave reviews by Chuy’s customers and staff, it’s always a delight to have chips and salsa at the happy hour. The salsa is delicious and chunky, with a distinctive sweet spice. It’s sure to keep you putting it on your chips and returning to get more.

Fresh lime juice is squeezed every day to make Chuy’s margaritas. In a frozen or on the rocks you can enjoy pure lime juice. It truly makes an impact on the taste.

It’s always an enjoyable experience to dine at any of Chuy’s locations. From the complimentary chips and salsa at the beginning and then Happy Hour and specials on the menu until dessert time The experience is free, enjoyable, and fun.

When is Happy Hour Most Crowded at Chuy’s

In the first few hours, Chuy’s is quite busy. Free Nacho cars and margaritas at a discounted price attract a lot of people.

Chuy’s Contact Information 

Chuy’s Head Office Address: 1623 Toomey Road
Austin, Texas 78704

Chuy’s Phone:  512-473-2783

Chuy’s Fax:   512-473-8684

You can leave a message or your feedback for Chuy’s by filling out the contact form on Chuy’s website.

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Enjoy the Chuy’s Happy Hour

It’s nice to relax and relax and enjoy great drinks and food at Chuy’s happy hours. It’s festive and fun with its vibrant decor.

Chuy’s serves a wide selection of salads, soups, and soups. delicious tacos, fajitas and enchiladas and burritos. Check out their house specialties such as Chuy’s famous Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken or Chicken Flautas.

Happy hour is offered on weekdays. You can enjoy free Nachos from the famed Nacho car, and enjoy their unique House Margaritas. For delicious Tex-Mex food, Chuy’s is among the best.


Q.1 What is Chuy’s fully loaded nacho car?

Our free fully-loaded Nacho Car is the ticket to celebrate National Nacho Day! Available from 4 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. loaded with chips salsa, queso, salsa ground sirloin, and much more. All of it served from the back of an old vehicle and absolutely free! 526 people have liked this.

Q.2 Does Chuy’s have free chips and salsa?

Review of Chuy’s. Description Chuy’s offers authentic Tex-Mex food in a diverse environment that’s with a lot of personality and color. The menu features family-friendly recipes of South Texas, New Mexico, and Mexican border towns. They are all created to order with fresh ingredients.

Q.3 Did Chuy’s change their menu?

The brand also simplified its menu, reducing the number of menu items, and also offered family-meal drinks kits. … Hislop said Chuy’s had removed a few lower-cost appetizers from the menu and that customers were generating more of a check.

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