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Do you want to know how to receive free spins on Coin Master? If you’re planning to become a Coin Master or even a Coin Master, you’ll need plenty of coins in order to achieve this goal! 

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the spins of the wheel, find the daily ones which will let you protect your community, fight other villages, collect coins, and fix the damage to your buildings! Spins play a role in the majority of aspects of the game.

So, make sure to get the most you can. Are you looking for ways to use all the coins you have left? Check out our list of all Boom Villages available in Coin Master!

How to Get Free Spins

To earn free spins on Coin Master, you can click through daily links, watch advertisements on video and keep up with Coin Master on social media or sign up for emails with gifts and invite friends to Coin Master, earn spins as gifts, build up your village, take advantage of spins, take part in events, purchase a complete set of cards, or simply take them in overtime and earn them! As you can observe, there are plenty of options to earn free spins with Coin Master.

Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Updated Daily

Coin Master Free Spins List

Simply click on the hyperlinks below and claim the cash prize! Each link has gone through a rigorous testing process and they are secure to use. We’ll try to keep any rewards that are expired off of our list so that they’re all functioning when you attempt these!

NOTE: Facebook has removed Coin Masters from Facebook its own platform, and the only method to access Coin Masters codes is to download the Coin Masters app. If you click the links on a Desktop or tablet sends you to a Facebook Error Page. 

Always make use of this page when using a mobile device that has an app called the Coin Master app installed.

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May 13, 2022

  • 10 spins, 1 million coins
  • 50 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 10 spins, 1 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

May 12, 2022

  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 3 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

May 11, 2022

  • 50 million coins
  • 3 million coins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins
  • 25 spins

There are many methods to earn more spins and coins that are not too hard to master. We’ve listed some of the methods below and encourage you to use these to take advantage of every freebie you are entitled to!

Watch Video Ads

If you’re running out of spins, you can go to the machine and locate an energy spin button located on the right side of your display. If you find this, you’ll be able to watch advertisements on video for additional spins.

Follow Coin Master on Twitter and Facebook

Moon Active, Coin Master’s developer will give you hyperlinks that you can click which will give you lots of rewards for free. In addition, they’ll also have small contests and giveaways that are open to participants for free things. 

If you’re looking to get some spins at no cost, make sure that you follow the site through Twitter and Twitter.

Official Website:

Login via Facebook

If you join Facebook and connect your accounts to this game, you’ll receive a bonus of 50 spins! It is possible that you already did this before you began the game, however in case you tried another method of logging in to the game, you can always join Facebook to receive the spins.

Invite Facebook Friends

One of the most straightforward methods to earn spins is by inviting friends on Facebook to join Coin Master. 

One thing to remember is that you’ll need them to take the invite and download the game and log in using your Facebook profile. It’s not necessary to play, but should it is possible that you will be able to convince certain people to sign up in order to receive that quick forty free games.

Request Spin Gifts

If you’re a member of an active list of players in Coin Master, then you can request one spin from each day. Your friends will be actively playing in order to give you the prize So try to connect with as many people playing the game as you can. 

If you are able to get enough people on your friend list who play consistently it would be an easy method to earn spins without doing too much. You could also check your social media accounts and look up who’s playing and who might be willing to be friends with you!

Level Up Your Village

If you decide to move to a new village you’ll receive a nice package of bonus spins as well as the chest. It will cost you quite a bit of gold, it’s likely that you’ll require many spins in order to accumulate enough money to upgrade your village!

Collect Card Sets

As you progress, you will get the chance to accumulate cards. They are generally to be played for fun, but should you manage to collect an entire set that is, you’ll be rewarded with lots of spins for free. Every when you visit a new village, you’ll receive a wooden Chest which you will need to unlock. It contains a few cards, but just a handful. 

If you’re looking for more, visit the spin and coin purchase section and purchase chests filled with coins. Make sure to add this option to your collection and earn lots of spins. Additionally, you can earn benefits, such as pets, that increase your winnings from the machine!

Do you want to collect sets of cards? Check out the information on the Most Popular Cards from Coin Master here!


At the very least, there are one or two events happening at any given moment in Coin Master. To determine how you can profit from it, visit the slot machine and take a look towards the top left for any bonuses currently being played. 

You should try to win as many as you can when there’s any kind of event happening as you could win many additional rewards through this.

Just Spin

You may not believe it there is a way to spin and get more spins. This is the most common scenario in the case of certain events taking place which reward you when you get certain colds. 

For instance, games such as Attack Madness will give you many bonuses when you achieve achievement by attacking other villages. There’s a variety of these things that occur in this game. So make sure to spin for a chance to win!

Let Time Pass

Coin Master is a game that is best played in bursts. It is recommended to collect all daily bonuses However, taking your time and letting your spins accumulate is a great way to advance in the game. 

You can get five free spins every hour and if you are able to sit for 10 hours, then you’ll be at the top of your spin capabilities. That means you’ll have to be on zero spins in order to take all the benefits!

Additional Game Tips & Tricks

Here are some strategies that will assist you in maximizing your coins and spins.

Bet Amounts

It is only necessary to increase your bet in case there is a player who is your Coin Master, who owns several coins. The most effective way to acquire a significant amount of coins is to collect the coins directly from your Coin Master. 

If you find someone with a massive amount of coins in their bank You can then increase the amount of your bet and try to get the bank. This can triple your winnings which will be a massive payoff should the Coin Master be able to keep a bag filled with coins.

Spend Those Coins

You don’t want to become the only one to be a twit in the matter of coins. The more coins you’ve saved, the more likely they could be taken from you when another player is able to raid your villages. 

If you don’t have shields or an animal companion like the rhino, you could lose the currency you have. Make sure to upgrade your village as high as you can, or even buy boxes to accumulate pet cards that you don’t have!

Purchase Chests

The process of acquiring cards isn’t too difficult when you have lots of chests however, the more you dive in the game the larger varieties of cards will be to be inside those chests. This means it will be more difficult to finish packs of cards when you move up. Get chests for lower-level packs, so you can take them out of your way so that you don’t be able to complete the packs!

Want to increase your level fast in Coin Master? Take a look at this guide on how to level up Quickly within Coin Master!

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Coin Master Free Spins & Coins FAQ

Q.1 How do you get free Coin Master spins?

To receive free spins at Coin Master, you can click through daily links, view video advertisements and connect with Coin Master on social media or sign up for emails, invite friends to join the game and receive spins as gifts and level up your community and use spins to participate in activities, complete set of cards, or take a break and earn them slowly in time!

Q.2 Can Coin Master be hacked?

Conclusion. In the end, while there are many fraudulent hacks, generators, and downloads available to Coin Master, real and authentic cheats exist generally as mod APKs and bots and mods for iOS, with iOS mods being a bit rare.

Q.3 Can you transfer spins on Coin Master?

Click the button “Gifts” to open up the Gift Menu in which you’ll be capable of sending and collecting gifts in the form of Coins as well as Spins and Cards. It is noted at the end in the Gifts menu, that Spins and Coins which can be sent to your friends will not be taken off of your balance. For Spins, you can send and get as many as 50 Spins per time!

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