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Find What Time Hooters Offers Happy Hour & Special Deals 2022

Hooters Happy Hour: Hooters is not just the home of the world-renowned Hooter Girls, but the vast selection on their menus, which includes a variety of American Classics. 

From ribs to burgers, as well as everything else in-between, Hooters is the ideal spot to enjoy an excellent meal regardless of whether you want an entire dinner or just a snack. 

The hot wings they serve are made with different levels of seasoning and have been enjoyed for a long time by the countless customers who come through their doors. 

Hooters Happy Hour

Hooters Happy Hour provides plenty of great deals and specials that will ensure your next visit happens earlier rather than later!

Hooters are famous for their amazing atmosphere, brimming with welcoming staff members who serve with smiles on their faces. 

They are famous for their orange shorts and white vest as well as the famous Hooters ladies are just as to do with the experience as the food that is on the menu! 

A variety of flat screens are adorning every restaurant which makes it the ideal location to watch the action and take a bite or two! If you go during  Hooters Happy Hour is sure to help you will get more value in return!

Hooters Happy Hour Times & Deals 2022

Discounted drinks and ½ price on appetizers.


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

10 pm–Close: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

Open Hours:

11 am–12 am


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

10 pm–Close: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

Open Hours:

11 am–12 am


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

10 pm–Close Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

All Day Specials:

10 pieces of boneless wings with fries $6.99

Open Hours:

11 am–12 am


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

10 pm–Close: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

Open Hours:

11 am–1 am


Happy Hour:

3 pm–6 pm: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

10 pm–Close: Discounted drinks and ½ priced appetizers.

Open Hours:

11 am–1 am


Happy Hour:

Hooters does not offer Happy Hour on Saturday.

Open Hours:

11 am–1 am


Happy Hour:

Hooters does not offer Happy Hour on Sunday.

Open Hours:

10 am–12 am

What Does Hooters Offer During Happy Hour 2022

Discounted drinks, half-priced appetizers, and daily specials.

Buffalo Chicken Sliders–Buffalo chicken sliders with a pickle on mini buns. Served with onion tanglers.

Buffalo Shrimp (10 pieces)-Hand-breaded, fried and butterflied shrimp shaken in your favorite wing sauce.

Buffalo Platter–6 buffalo shrimp, 6 boneless wings, 6 bone-in wings, all tossed with your favorite wing sauce. Served with a side of dressing.

Cheese Sticks–Fried mozzarella cheesesteaks with marinara sauce.

Chicken Strips–Chicken strips, hand-breaded, fried, tossed with favorite wing sauce or plain. Dressing included.

Onion Rings–Served with tangy dipping sauce.

Lots A Tots–Tater tots covered with bacon, cheese, sour cream, and chives.

Flapper or boneless teaser (10 wings)–Flappers or boneless wings tossed in your favorite wing sauce. Served with dressing.

Quesadillas–Choice of chicken, steak, or cheese filling. Served with pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream.

Burger Sliders–Ground beef sliders topped with cheese, mustard, and a pickle. Served with onion tanglers.

Fried Pickles–Sliced pickles hand-breaded to order, served with tangy dipping sauce.

Happy Hour Drinks 2022

  • Well Drinks $3
  • Drafts $4
  • Redbull Vodka $4
  • Jager Bomb $6

When is Hooter’s Happy Hour?

There are two distinct Hooters Happy Hour periods, giving you a greater chance to save money and enjoy the discounts on offer! 

If you’re planning to go to the restaurant at lunchtime or to have dinner there, morning happy hour is ideal for you. It runs from Monday through Friday between 3 pm to 6 pm.

The restaurant is open late, so you are able to stop by for a bite to eat and an alcoholic drink in the evening.

There’s the late-night Hooters Happy Hour running from 10 pm till closing. The best part is that this Happy Hour runs all week long, from beginning on Mondays and ending on Sundays.

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What Can I get From the Hooters Happy Hour?

There are a variety of delicious snacks to enjoy at The Hooters Happy Hour. These are ideal to grab for a quick snack, and are a great way to combine some delicious snacks which are delicious at any time of day! 

There are so many kinds of foods that you’re truly spoilt for options! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try some of the appetizers that serve as a range of tasty snacks ideal to share (or not in the event that you’d prefer!)

With all the classics like chicken strips, sliders, and quesadillas, to name some, you’ll be certain to find something to get your stomach moving.

Important Links

Official Website hooters.com/
Locations hooters.com/locations/
Careers hooters.com/about/careers/
Gift Card hooters.com/gift-cards/
Franchise hooters.com/franchising/

Hooters Contact Information

Hooters Corporate Office Address– 1815 The Exchange SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30339

Hooters Corporate Phone Number– 770-951-2040

Hooters Press Contact Address- 685 Third Avenue 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10017

Hooters Press Contact Phone Number– 800-210-2491

Hooters Customer Service Phone Number– 1-866-225-4668

You can also contact the Hooters team by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/hooters

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/hooters

Instagram Account: instagram.com/hooters/

Add Hooters on Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/hooters

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/hooters

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Enjoy the Hooters Happy Hour

To enjoy food and entertainment, head to Hooters Happy Hour. With its vibrant environment, multiple screens throughout the bar, and Hooters girls to enhance the enjoyment, Hooters guarantees a good time for all.

It’s a positive indication that you’ll see plates of wings departing the kitchen with a crowd of customers eagerly waiting to get their wings. It’ll cause you to want to taste their famous wings smothered in their spiced sauces the next time you visit.

Stop by Hooter’s Happy Hour for a chance for a taste of their delicious snacks as well as cold beverages. Drinks and food for sale. It’s definitely worth a visit.


Q.1 Does Hooters have a special on Tuesday?

Double on Tuesdays! Buy 20 wings, get 10 free.

Q.2 Does Hooters have a special on Mondays?

Monday means that you can ALL You Can Eat Wings for only $10! ! $10.99 for all you can eat Boneless wings today from 6:00 pm. Don’t forget the 1/2 priced apps after 10:00 pm. !!!! Are you still offering this offer?

Q.3 Does Hooters still have wings day?

The Wingsday offer is now available each Wednesday at greater than 355 Hooters restaurants all across the United States.

Q.4 Is there a age limit to eat at Hooters?

We are open to visitors of every age into the Hooters restaurant and also in our other restaurants located on our property. more than a year back. … over a year ago, we were able to see children at the restaurant! Of course, there is a restriction on the use of alcohol!

Q.5 Does Hooters have a special on Thursdays?

Hooters All You Can Eat Boneless Wings Every Wednesday during the week at Hooters!!

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