Roblox Project Ghoul Codes (May 2022)

Roblox Project Ghoul Codes: If you’re an avid fan of anime playing Roblox you’ve probably discovered a variety of titles based on the well-known Japanese medium such as Roblox Blox Fruits Each with a distinct spin on the title. 

The more obscure anime like Tokyo Ghoul have games dedicated to them too. If you’re going to love this game, be sure to redeem the codes to enhance your gaming experience.

If you’re looking for free Spins or Boosts, Yen as well as other rewards ensure that you redeem the Roblox Project Ghoul Codes vouchers immediately! The developers determine when to disable the codes, which means there’s no way to know when they’ll expire. 

Roblox Project Ghoul Codes

Each code that is listed below has been tested before when the publication of this article. If you spot an expired code Please provide us with the specific code by commenting below so that we can get rid of it!

Project Ghoul Codes (Available)

Here’s a glance at a complete list of the available codes currently available:

  • 55KLikes–Redeem for 20 Spins and a 10-minute two-fold boost to Boss Drop (New)
  • Easter–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • 50KLIKES–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • 35MVISITS–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • 175KFAVS–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Lovejoy–Redeem for 30 Spins, 50k Yen, and a 20-minute Boost
  • KakujasAreHere–Redeem for 5k RC Cells and 600 Materials
  • StarcodeBenni–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Sub2FloatyZone–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Sub2BokTheGamer–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Sub2Kakuja–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • NARUTOGHOUL30K–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • subtoAlphamisfits–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Sub2JustYami–Redeem for 15 Spin
  • SubToJay–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • SubToKilik–Redeem for 15 Spins

Project Ghoul Codes (Expired)

They aren’t longer in circulation and aren’t redeemable.

  • 47kLikes!–Redeem for 40 Spins, Materials, Yen, and Boosts
  • KyleGotNoMaidens–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • Unfortunately!–Redeem for 35 Spins, 1.5k Materials, 150k Yen, and for 25 minutes 2x boosts
  • Noro!–Redeem for 20 Spins, Materials, Yen, and Boosts
  • Nutcracker!–Redeem for 20 Spins, Materials, Yen, and Boosts
  • “Sorry4Lags”–Redeem at 1 hour of mats and exp, 1.2k mats 25, 25 spins, and 75k Yen
  • AdamWorksHard–Redeem for 1 hour x2 exp & mats, 1.2k mats, 25 spins, and 75k Yen
  • RankedMatchesPog–Redeem for Cash and 20 Spins
  • IXA!–Redeem for Cash and 20 Spins
  • 38kLikes!–Redeem for Cash and Spins
  • 3000Players!–Redeem for 30 Spins
  • WeAreSorry!–Redeem for 30 Spins
  • CodexGeas–Redeem for 15 Spins
  • LastShutdownForToday–Redeem for 30 Spins
  • XBOXSUPPORT–Redeem for 20 Spins
  • Release!–Redeem for 30 Spins
  • 16MVISITS! – Redeem code for 2600 Yen!
  • for Free Yen and spins he doesn’t look like a common code. To redeem it, successfully use the spacebar key on your keyboard, just one at a time (or on as numerous occasions as you’d like). Press Submit to claim your prize.
  • 21000 Likes! – Redeem for tons of free Yen!
  • 21500Likes! – Redeem for tons of free Yen!
  • 22000 Likes! – Redeem for plenty of free Yen!
  • 22500 Likes! – Redeem a code for a lot of Yen for free!
  • HappyThanksGiving2020! – Redeem the code for a reward!
  • PartnershipApproved! – Redeem code for a reward!
  • Kaneki Ken – Redeem code for rewards!
  • PG_GroupMember – Redeem code for rewards! (Group Members only!)
  • Update2.5! – Redeem code for 2,500 Japanese and Free Spins!
  • 20500 Likes! – Redeem Code to get lots of Yen free!
  • 19500likes! – Redeem the code to earn plenty of Yen for free!
  • 20000 Likes! – Redeem Code to get lots of Yen for free!
  • 14MVISITS! – Redeem the code to earn many Yen for free!
  • 18000 Likes! – Redeem this code to get some free Yen!
  • 16500Likes! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 11MVISITS! – Redeem the code for a reward!
  • 17500Likes! – Redeem the code for a reward!
  • 9.5MVISITS! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 8MVISITS! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 7.5MVISITS! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 7MVISITS! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 6MVISITS! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 5.5MVISITS! – Redeem code to redeem 250 Yen + Free Spins!
  • 3.6MVISITS! – Redeem the code to earn 2,500 Yen and Free Spins! (Group exclusive to members!)
  • 15000Likes! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 14500Likes! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 14000Likes! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 13000Likes! – Redeem code for Yen!
  • 12000 Likes! – Redeem Code to get 2,500 Yen as well as Free Spins!
  • 11000 Likes! – Redeem Code to get 2,500 Yen as well as Free Spins!
  • 10000 Likes! – Redeem Code to get 2,500 Yen as well as Free Spins!
  • 9500 Likes! – Redeem Code to get 2,500 Yen as well as Free Spins!
  • 9000Likes! – Redeem for 2,500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • 8500Likes! – Redeem for 2,500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • 2.7MVISITS! – Redeem for Free Spins & 250 Mats!
  • 8000Likes! – Redeem for 2,500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • 7500Likes! – Redeem for 2,500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • 7000Likes! – Redeem for 2,500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • UseCodeBenni – Redeem for 500 Yen & Free Spins!
  • CodexGeas – Redeem for Spins
  • 6500Likes! – Redeem for Spins
  • NarutoGhoul – Redeem for Spins
  • YamiRoyale – Redeem for Spins
  • 6000Likes!
  • 5500Likes!

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How do I redeem codes in Project Ghoul?

To redeem the codes in Project Ghoul, you’ll need to create your character first. Go to the official game and personalize to personalize your Project Ghoul character. 

Once you’ve completed this, click the menu button located at the bottom of the screen and click on the Information tab. There will be a text box in which you can type in the code. You can copy the code at one go from our list and then paste it into the field. Click Submit to get your prize!

Official Website:

Why can’t my Project Ghoul codes work?

Certain Project Ghoul Codes have a limited duration and can expire very quickly while other codes can last an extended period. If you discover an item in the working section that’s not registered with Project Ghoul, make sure that it’s correctly spelled or that all letters are highlighted while copying.

If your code appears to be valid the chances are that it’s expired. If this is the case, please inform us know so that we can transfer it to the list of expired codes. Bookmark this page and come frequently to see the most recent code to Anime Fighter Simulator!

What do codes do in Project Ghoul?

Codes enable players to redeem rewards within Project Ghoul. Based on the type of code users make use of, they will be able to earn spins, money, or even materials in Roblox Project Ghost. Each redemption within Project Ghoul is sure to assist you in your quest.

What is Project Ghoul?

Within Roblox Project Ghoul, you’ll be able to take down and devour NPCs and other players in your quest to become a formidable Ghoul. The quests you undertake will see you tear enemies to shreds, however taking advantage of additional resources is never a bad idea in the quest to get to the highest level. You have two options in Project Ghoul: play as a ghoul while feasting on the flesh of humans or search for the undead as a detective.

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Roblox Project Ghoul Codes FAQ

Q.1 What is the best ghoul in project ghoul?

Naki. Naki is the most common Kagune found within Roblox Project Ghoul. It comes with a wide range that can be utilized for farming and cheesing Ghouls in PvE.

Q.2 Does RO ghoul have codes?

✔ Codes are typically released to celebrate specific milestones that the game reaches or in celebration of holidays. They are typically located on the Official Ro-Ghoul Discord and are exclusive to the developers. They usually give Yen as well as RC Cells, although there are codes that may be awarded masks or other special rewards.

Q.3 What is RC in project ghoul?

✔ The RC (Red Child) Cell(s) are cells that can be found in both ghouls and humans. The name is derived from the look of these cells. They look like the curled-up fetus. These RC cells are stocked by humans who consume them and stored them within the kakuhou. Kagune forms after they are released out of the kakuhou.

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