All Star Tower Defense Codes | Roblox (May 2022) – Free Gems, Gold, and EXP in ASTD!

All Star Tower Defense Codes Many free Gems!

The primary goal of the wildly popular Roblox game All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD) is to protect your tower with an all-star cast of characters from a variety of mangas and animes, including Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, and Demon Slayer. While doing this, however, it is possible to reach the point that you require additional Coins, Gems, or more appropriate towers or characters from anime for an objective or level. So how do you fill quickly? Codes!

The ASTD codes below could bring you lots of Gems as well as Gold and even some rare character towers at no cost! Utilize these items through the gacha system to get the opportunity to summon a 4- or five-star anime characters such as Minato Namikaze Super Saiyan Goku and Hollow Ichigo and more. Pain to the All-Star Tower Defense banners and take advantage of the game mode!

All Star Tower Defense Codes Roblox (May 2022) – Free Gems, Gold, and EXP in ASTD


The free gems, as well as Mega-Rare characters, are a fantastic increase, however, you’ll have to finish challenges in-game to move forward. We’ve provided you with helpful instructions on how to obtain a Fire Rage Orb and how to increase the level of your characters quickly and all Orbs that are available in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense are explained, all characters included in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense Strategies and tips for new players!

Active ASTD Codes

Here’s a quick look at the listing of all currently in use All-Star Tower Defense codes:

  • allstarspring–Redeem for 450 Gems (New) (This code was provided by the developer’s Twitter. A few players say the code doesn’t work this could mean you need to get to a certain stage in the game in order to utilize it. )
  • new April update–Redeem for 450 Gems (New)
  • astd1millikes–Redeem for 1.25k Gems
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak–Redeem for an Ultra Rare reward

Expired ASTD Codes

These are the old All-Star Tower Defense codes that are no longer working:

  • congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k–Redeem for a Mega-Rare character
  • ultramove–Redeem to purchase an Ultra Capsule
  • Superwoop–Redeem the 400 GEMs for
  • 1mgroupmembers–Redeem for 800 Gems and 800 Gold
  • Themadao–Redeem to get 1000 gems or 750 gold, along with 1 EXP IV
  • ASDDevs–Redeem to get 500 gemstones and 500 gold EXP IV
  • world2ishere–Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold
  • world2comingsoon–Redeem code for 250 Gold and 250 Gems
  • astdx2022—Redeem for 500 Gems, 1000 Gold, and an Omega-Rare
  • merrychristmas2k21–Redeem for 1000 Gold, 1000 Gems, and EXP IV
  • winterbreakwhen–Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold
  • KingLuffyFan200k–Redeem for Ultra Rare King Ruffy
  • SUBTOBLAMSPOT100kBOA–Redeem for reward
  • December 2021-“Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold
  • thecityofangels–Redeem for 250 Gems and 250 Gold
  • Igot2Look–Redeem to earn 250 gems or 250 Gold
  • eatlotsonthanksgiving–Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold
  • novemberupdate–Redeem for 300 Gems and 500 Gold [May work with private server]
  • 100ksubnavyxflame–Redeem for 300 Gems and Mega Rare Super Koku Black (SSJ3)
  • Fromastd–Redeem to get 500 gems and 500 gold as well as Omega Rare IV EXP
  • starshipway-Redeem for EXP and Gems IV
  • navyxflame80ksubs–Redeem for EXP III and Gems
  • anniversaryastd–Redeem for 1500 Gold, 1200 Gems, and Omega-Rare
  • fruits100k–Redeem to get 300 gems or Ex III
  • Robloxyay–Redeem to get 300 gold 800 Gems, and EXP III
  • long wait–Redeem to get 450 gems
  • goldgemgoldRedeem for 650 Gold or 250 Gems
  • 4partyrocking–Redeem for 250 Gems
  • Wowshutdown–Redeem the 200 GEMs for
  • happyhalloween2021–Redeem for 300 Gold, 200 Gems and Pumpkin Capsule
  • navyxflameyt60k–Redeem for 200 gems and EXP III
  • longmaintenance–Redeem for 450 Gems
  • 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit–Redeem for 400 Gems and Mega-Rare Kakashi
  • shutdown–Redeem the 400 GEMs for
  • septemberupdate21–Redeem for 250 Gems
  • shutdownagaincode21–Redeem for 250 Gems
  • Tacotuesday–Redeem at 250 GEMs
  • Fridayfun–Redeem at 250 GEMs
  • illbewatchingyou–Redeem for 300 Gems
  • specialkingluffy100k–Redeem for 150 Gems and King Ruffy
  • nowherescoredeal–Redeem for 250 Gems
  • gamebreakingvisits101–Redeem for 250 Gems
  • theotheronecode–Redeem for 250 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • Minishutdown–Redeem for 200 Gems
  • Mrworldwide–Redeem at 300 Gems
  • morecodeforyouxd You can redeem 175 gems
  • codeofprisma–Redeem for 250 Gems. to start a game or join a private Server]
  • Codeoflight–Redeem for 250 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • listentothemusic132–Redeem for 175 Gems
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo–Redeem for 175 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • NAVYXFLAME4CODE–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • fruitysubmore–Redeem for a Reward [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • 4thofjulyupdate–Redeem for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • lesgolesgoyuuh–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • supertime–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • biggerthanlife1–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • fruitgame–Redeem the code for 150 Gems
  • 600klikes–Redeem coupon for 175 Gems
  • updatejune2021–Redeem code for 250 Gold, 250 Gems, and EXP III
  • addnewunitstobannerfix–Redeem for 150 Gems [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • fruits–Redeem in exchange for 550 Gems 500 gold and 2x EXP III
  • 2021memorialday2021x–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • Update53021–Redeem for 150 Gems, 300 Gold, and EXP III
  • Lovetobrazil–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • diamondnowina–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • ohmahgawdskill–Redeem for 150 Gems
  • yellowsix–Redeem for 150 gems
  • tysmfor1mfavorite–Redeem code for 750 Gems, 750 Gold, and EXP III
  • smoothcriminal2–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • jahajha–Redeem coupon for 150 Gems
  • shotofmemories–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • quickshut–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • lieawake–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • freedom–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • likeapartyonthelist–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 1bvisit1b–Redeem code for 1,000 Gems
  • 1billionvisit21drip–Redeem code for 200 Gems, 300 Gold, and Koku Drip Skin
  • eastercoda21 —Redeem voucher for 150 Gems
  • helloworld2021–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • somemorenewcoode–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • isitthenewerayet–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • Hchgaming–Redeem the code for 150 Gems
  • handsoftime-Redeem code to get 2 EXP IIIs
  • gameon2021–Redeem the code to earn 500 Gems
  • lovetofightastd–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • thisisthenewestcode–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subtome–Redeem voucher for 80 gems
  • subinferman–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • incredibledayum–Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • likethegamepog2021–Redeem code for 200 Gems and EXP III Mega-Rare [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • 700mil-Redeem codes in exchange for EXP 3 and 200 Gems Mega-Rare . to start the Game and join a private server]
  • updatebelike–Redeem 50 Gems with a code
  • epicnew–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • pert–Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • rainmen–Redeem the code to earn 50 gems
  • bigtim–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • lateupdatendat–Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • codecodeyayhooray–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • omgdiscordpopoff–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • bigbangrah–Redeem coupon for 80 Gems
  • mytimerchamber–Redeem code for 300 Gems
  • [Must Start a Game or Join a Private Server]
  • Liketo320k–Redeem coupon for 150 Gems
  • rwarhappynewyear2k21–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • roadto300kuwu–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 2k20merrychristmas2k20–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • subtosnuglife–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • 2shutdowncode12232000–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • liketo280k–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • 100KClypso–Redeem the code for 50 gems
  • kelvin500ksubs–Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • decemberfun2020–Redeem code for 300 Gems
  • likethegamepog–Redeem code for 400 Gems
  • nano150k–Redeem code for 50 Gems
  • subtoinfer2x —Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • 240kearly–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • UseCodeDessiYT–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • subtoinfernasu–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • sub2navyxflame–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • Noclypsub–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • Frangosub–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • Ni2–Redeem the code to earn 150 Gems (Might only work on the Private Server)
  • Codegoaliee–Redeem voucher for 150 Gems
  • Shutdowncode–Redeem the code to earn 150 gems
  • 200knextcode–Redeem code for 150 Gems (Might only work on private servers)
  • likeslikeslikes–Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • foreverandever–Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • watchaot–Redeem the code to earn 150 gems (Might only work with private servers)
  • ALWAYSTOGETHER–Redeem code for 200 Gems
  • letsgetiton–Redeem voucher for 150 Gems
  • spentmytime–Redeem the code for 150 Gems
  • showmenow–Redeem the code to earn 150 gems (Might only work with the Private Server)
  • hunudthousand–Redeem code for 200 Gems (Might only work in a Private Server)
  • Sebbydesu9000–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • supernaruto–Redeem coupon for 100 Gems
  • Lilfavorite–Redeem the code for 150 Gems
  • AllStarDessi–Redeem coupon for 50 Gems
  • supremethen–Redeem coupon for 100 Gems
  • manylike–Redeem the code for 100 Gems
  • Infernasu–Redeem the code to EXP II Character
  • ryukostop–Redeem code for 150 Gems
  • UnderTheWeather–Redeem code for 100 Gems
  • epicgal–Redeem code for 100 Gems

How to redeem codes within All-Star Tower Defense (ASTD)

How do I insert ASTD promo codes

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Codes can be used to redeem them inside All-Star Tower Defense by following the steps listed:

  1. Once you are inside the game, click to the Settings/Gear button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Once the new window opens When the new window opens, type in the code in the text box marked ‘ Enter Code’.
  3. If the code works and you have a valid code, you should receive your reward for free.
  4. If the code does not work it won’t disappear out of the box of text.

How do I obtain additional All-Star Tower Defense codes?

Unfortunately, many Roblox developers include codes into their games on a whim instead of releasing them on an established schedule, which means the release dates for codes are usually unpredictable. The best way to stay informed on the latest codes is to check the page frequently or join the Discord server for ASTD or follow the Twitter account of the ASTD account. Codes are frequently shared on these social media websites before they are officially released anywhere other than on these sites!

How can you earn Social Rewards, which are exclusive rewards within ASTD

To earn exclusive rewards in All-Star Tower Defense, you must be following FruitySama on YouTube and the Twitter account @AllStarTowerDef. If you don’t follow these accounts, then these things won’t work.

After these two accounts have been completed, follow the following steps:

  1. Once the game is been loaded After the game has loaded, click to click the Settings / Gear button in the lower right-hand corner.
  2. The new window will open and you are prompted to click on ” Social Rewards at the very bottom of the list under which you can Enter the Code.
  3. After clicking the button, a new window will pop up and will contain two texts YouTube ID and Twitter User.
    1. You must fill in the details of your YouTube username in the lower left column as well as your Twitter login in the box to the right.
      1. To use your Twitter username, you must include the @
  4. After you’ve completed one or both press enter and you’ll receive the unique reward.

How do you obtain the YouTube ID link? YouTube ID link

To receive your YouTube ID to earn exclusive rewards, you’ll need to ensure that you have YouTube subscriptions that aren’t restricted to only private use, and then paste your personal YouTube channel’s URL in the box with text to earn your rewards. Follow these steps:

  • For Mobile
    • Click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner, then click Your Channel, then click the pencil icon just to the right on the right side of Manage Videos.
    • In Privacy, make sure you’re ‘ Make sure that all my subscriptions are private ” is off.
      • If it is already in use in the case, put it aside.
  • For PC
    • Click on your profile photo at the top right-hand corner. If the dropdown box appears you can click Settings.
    • Then, select privacy on the right of the screen. Make sure the option ‘Keep my subscriptions private’ is turned off.’
      • If it is already in use in the case, take it off.
  • Then, go to the channel you want to be on.
    • You can copy your URL for your YouTube channel to paste into the text field in All-Star Tower Defense that declares YouTube ID Then press Enter.

What happens to gems found in ASTD?

Players can utilize their earned gems to create a new character in All-Star Tower Defense. The characters available are varied in rarity and summoning their works through a gacha system. Although you’re not guaranteed that the character you’re summoning is available Each banner has the pity system, which is at the very least guaranteed to give you a 5-star pull within a set number of pulls. The characters on each banner usually are reset every few hours.

Why can’t my All-Star Tower Defense codes not work?

In the event that All-Star Tower Defense codes aren’t working, make certain to paste and copy the codes, rather than typing them in to make sure that it’s properly spelled which is the primary reason why a lot of codes fail to work.

Sometimes, codes expire without warning, leaving players in confusion as to why the code is in our list of valid codes. If you see an item in our section of Active Codes section that appears to be expired Please inform us so that we can take it off in the shortest time possible.

Sometimes, you need to get to an exact point in the game to allow certain codes to function If a code is listed in our working section but does not work for you, be sure you keep trying throughout All Star Tower Defense.

This list is updated when new codes are released So make sure to check back often for the most up-to-date OPT codes!

What is All-Star Tower Defense?

All-Star Tower Defense is an anime-based Roblox experience that forces players to grind themselves by bringing an array of original anime characters until they reach the highest levels. Take on numerous enemies at a time, improving your anime’s units and capabilities and eventually becoming an unstoppable attack and defense machine.

The players can make use of summons for unlocking new characters some of the exceptional and rare as well as include them in their ever-growing roster of characters as they battle against their fellow players or alone in the story mode or an infinity tower. Develop your favorite characters from anime, to ensure that they remain in your squad throughout the day, as they become more powerful! Are you equipped with the skills you need to be a successful player? Find out in ASTD!

What is the Star Pass in All-Star Tower Defense?

Its Star Pass in All-Star Tower Defense is a no-cost reward pass that lets players to unlock a variety of currency, characters, and much more when they progress through certain tiers. Every season, the Star Pass is refreshed with 100 new tiers and the corresponding rewards. To track your progress in your Star Pass and redeem any reward, simply hit on the Star Pass button to the left side of the screen. Then, click ‘ Claim.’ If the tier you are viewing in the Star Pass is gray, you aren’t at the tier you want to be in yet.

In addition to the usual rewards of Gold characters, Gems, and other items Players can also get tickets, boosts, and many other rewards! As we said, it is a Star Pass pass is updated at the start of each season for ASTD. So be sure to keep working to earn the tiers you’re in and then redeem any prizes you’re hoping to get as soon as you can!

Official website:

What is Star Pass Ultra in All-Star Tower Defense?

If you’re looking to earn more reward points, Star Pass Ultra is the premium variant of the regular Star Pass, which can be purchased for 799 Robux. While this version of Star Pass may not offer additional tiers, however, it allows users to receive an additional reward for each level that they unlock. This will give you 100 percent more rewards!

If you’re willing to spend more Robux than you can, it’s the Star Pass Ultra can be the perfect opportunity to earn exclusive characters, tickets, more currency, XP, and much more! To check out all of Star Pass Ultra’s Star Pass Ultra rewards, go to the

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All-Star Tower Defense Codes

What are some codes for All-Star Tower Defense 2022?

Roblox All-Star Tower Defense Codes for March 2022
  • -ASTDDevs – redeem 500 gems, 500 gold, EXP IV.
  • world2ishere – redeem 500 gold and 300 gems.
  • the madam – redeem 1000 gems, 750 gold, and 1 EXP IV.
  • 1mgroupmembers – redeem 800 gems and 800 gold.

How do I redeem ASTD codes?

The process of redeeming ASTD codes is straightforward. Locate the gear symbol located in the lower right corner of the screen Click it, then look for the box that will allow you to input your coupon code. It’s large and difficult to miss. Enter your code, and then claim your reward.

How do you get EXP IV in ASTD?

EXP IV is a 6-star single ground type device that was intended to be used to serve as food for raising the level of other characters instead of to be utilized in games. It is obtained through changing EXP III, which is obtained it from a Daily Spin with a 5 percent chance of winning or using codes to redeem.

How do I get King Luffy ASTD?

King Ruffy is a 4-star unit that is based on Luffy in One Piece however with drips, and can be acquired by using this coupon code “KingLuffyFan200k”. King Ruffy is a remake of Ruffy TS and is unable to be acquired more than once which makes him one-time character. The character is the commemoration of King Luffy becoming the 100th subscriber.

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